It's not about looking good, it's about living the life you want!

The Gluten Free Guide to Everything… kind of a strange name isn’t it? What do gluten have to do with fashion? Or travel for that matter? Well, gluten has something to with me and I have something to do with pretty much everything!

Let me explain. 

I am a wildly ambitious twenty-something year old art school graduate from the Netherlands. I am a spatial designer, graphic designer and photographer and have a passion for food, fashion and travel. If I could I would literally do it all, hence the guide to everything! However, I also have coeliac disease.

That didn’t sound too positive did it? Let me phrase that again: I also have coeliacs disease! (And lactose-intonerance, but that’s just a minor thing.) The reason why I’m not sad about it at all is that it has made me so much more inventive and creative about eating and travelling. My worst nightmare was that I wouldn’t be able to travel because I wouldn’t be able to eat at the other side of the world. Wrong! Once your mindset changes, there is actually so much you can eat and do wherever you go!

This is the moral of The Gluten Free Guide to Everything. It’s not about dieting, looking good or being successful (that would still be nice, though), it’s about being creative about disadvantages and turning them into strong points! This website is therefore based on my experiences from being shy and insecure to saying ‘’fuck it, I actually can do quite a lot! ‘’

I hope you’ll find my guides helpful and inspirational to starting your own ‘’fuck it, I’ll just do it all!’’