Review | Culiperslunch 2018: the newest food trends

The Culiperslunch is the place to be to find out everything you need to know about the newest food concepts, brands and products of the Netherlands. I had the honour to attent the Culiperslunch 2018 and I will tell you all about it!

From delicious curries, wines and cheeses to sweet lemonade and coconut pastries and even healthy snacks and chocolate, the Dutch Culiperslunch 2018 was a hit! I had the honour to attend thanks to my collaboration with Keto Cacao, which I will tell you all about too.

Guilt free chocolate

The reason I have been posting less the last couple of weeks is that I started working together with Keto Cacao, a new healthy chocolate brand. I will be the new graphic designer, photographer and content creator for the brand, I’m so excited! It’s right up my alley since the chocolate is gluten, dairy and sugar free. In fact, there are only three natural ingredients that are low carb, so no need to feel guilty eating this chocolate.

In the coming weeks we will display our new style as well as delicious recipes I created, so stay tuned on my instagram and Keto Cacao’s instagram. Having aired the brand only a month ago and having a stand on the Culiperslunch 2018 already is great for us and our first step in becoming more known in the world of healthy snacking.

Gluten free coconut pastry & healthy icecream

Super sweet, but very good non the less: gluten free coconut pastry from Madame Cocos. They promised me their pastries were gluten free, but on the website it says that there can still be traces in it, so try for yourself to find out if you can handle it. Available only at Jumbo supermarket, you should definitely check out the red velvet flavour. I got a bag full of different flavours to take home and I have to say I finished them all already despite my sugar free trial period, oops. ;) The only thing I would like to see, is that they make a version that is less sweet, it was definitely a bit too much.

One other thing you should definitely check out is Oppo’s healthy ice-cream. It’s sweetened with erythritol (a sugar alcohol extracted from fruits) and stevia, which isn’t all that good according to studies and news articles, but it’s still better than sugar and the ice-cream tastes delicious nonetheless! It also contains less trans fat and calories than regular ice-creams like Ben and Jerry’s. I tried the vanilla flavour with some fresh fruit on top and loved it.

Pop cheese & Utrecht based Italian cheese

Living in Utrecht, it’s always great to see and taste local products and, as you know, I love cheese. A match made in heaven I would say, just like the flavours of these Oudwijker cheeses. They are perfect for eating on their own, but would work great too on old fashioned Dutch ‘toastjes’ (crackers with all kinds of spreads on it). I even tried the bluefin cheese, which I normally think has too much flavour, but this one was very mild and creamy, so I would definitely recommend this to all you cheese-lovers like me.

Now on to the only other cheesy product: a crunchy healthier snack. I’m talking about cheese pops, which are basically like pop corn, but made of pure cheese. Quite genius if you ask me! The good part is that there are no additives: it’s only fresh Gouda cheese. The taste is good too and I can’t wait to try these in a salad to add some crunch to it!

High quality olive oil & canned curries

I’m all about honoust and clean products. A perfect example are the olive oils produced by Valderrama. Used in a lot of restaurants, these unfiltered and cold pressed oils contain vitamins and lots of flavours. They even have one with added truffle and eventhough they wouldn’t tell me the secret to making sure the olives don’t consume the truffle, it tasted really good and they promised me they don’t use unnatural additives.

The same goes for the Van Blik canned curries. They only use natural and understandable ingredients with a lot of veggies. The even have a vegetarian curry taste really good, but is a little bit spicy when you eat it on your own. I would recommend eating this with rice and cucumber and there will be no problem. On Van Blik’s website you can find a lot of cool inspiration and delicious looking recipes, that are so easy since they have already made the base of the dish for you!

New Nakd. flavours and seaweed noodles

One of my favourite on the go bars, Nakd., has launched a bunch of new flavours for us to try, like a healthy version of a snickers bar (Peanut Delight) and a pecan pie flavour. My favourite however was lemon drizzle, it tasted fresh, sweet and just right. All the bars only consist of natural ingredients and are gluten free. The only thing I would like to know is where the ”natural aroma” is coming from, but the sales lady has promised me that she’ll look in to it and will e-mail me when she finds out.

More healthy food: seaweed based everything! I didn’t know seaweed tea would taste good, but it does. It smells like the ocean, but only has a faint salty ocean taste to it. Two thinks I would definitely try is the seaweed-salt, which contains less natrium than regular salt, and the seaweed noodles which are gluten free too. They taste pretty good and will taste great in a curry I.

Beautiful displays, concepts and products

One of the most beautiful displays I’ve seen belongs to ”Ik hou van paling”. They’re all about smoked eel which is super Dutch. Other beautiful displays were made by Beetz, Nice to Meat, El Qatarijne and Shiraz. The last two I would definitely visit for drinks; their food and drinks are wonderful! Shiraz in Amsterdam has great wines and food and I loved the macarons made by El Qatarijne in Utrecht.

Another cool thing that I would like to share with you is that I tried cricket powder! Did you know that there is way more protein in 10 ml. of crickets than in 10 ml. of cow meat? It’s also better for the environment to eat less meat and you can easily replace it by adding cricket powder to your meals and smoothies. I promise you won’t taste it at all.

All in all it was a wonderful day full of quality food, great concepts and conscious people. I love seeing the food industry becoming more aware of the environment, allergies and animal welfare.


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Congrats on the new position!!! Everything sounds amazing….right before I got to the gouda, my mouth was already watering lol


This is a foodies paradise! What an amazing event. Congratulations on your new position dear, wishing you all the best!

Jessica |