Easy sugar free chocolate coconut balls

Everybody has cravings sometimes. I know I do! These sugar free chocolate coconut balls are perfect for moments like that and they're completely sugar free! The best part? They are incredibly easy to make!

I’m trying to eat healthier for the summer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy sweet snacks anymore! I’m so fed up with sugar being in every single thing though, even the 70 – 90 % pure chocolate.

That’s why I teamed up with Keto Cacao. I used their pure bar (without sugar and other unnecessary additives a.k.a. BS) to make these delicious keto friendly sweet and healthy chocolate coconut balls.

Step by step guide



– 50 gr sugar free chocolate (I used 1 Keto Cacao bar)
– 50 gr coconut oil
– 30 gr coconut snippets
– 50 gr pecan-nuts
– table-spoon (sugar free) vanilla extract


Start by gathering your ingredients

Gather your ingredients. You can leave the vanilla out if you don’t have it, but it will add a little more sweetness to the balls. Also pecan-nuts are low carb, but you can switch them for walnuts which are higher in carbs.


Melt the chocolate

Grab a pan, boil some water, turn the heat down and place a heat resistant tray or bowl on top. Break the chocolate and wait till it melts.


Break the pecan-nuts into small pieces

Using your hands, a food processor or a mortar like I did, break the pecan-nuts into small pieces. You don’t want the pieces to be too big, because it will be more difficult creating balls that way.


Add the coconut oil, snippets and pecan-nuts

Turn of the fire underneath the pan and add the coconut oil, half of the coconut snippets and the pecan-nuts to the melted chocolate and mix it with a spoon. Place the bowl in the freezer for 15 minutes.


Make little piles on the parchment paper

When the mixture has cooled down, take the bowl out of the freezer and using a tea-spoon, make small piles of the mixture on parchment paper. Carefully put the parchment paper with the small piles in the fridge.


Add the coconut oil, snippets and pecan-nuts

After 10 minutes, use your finger tips to take the piles of the parchment paper and warm them to be able to fold them into balls. Then, dip the balls in the remnant of the coconut snippets and place them back on the paper. Keep in the fridge and take out a few minutes before serving.


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The Fashion Folks

Oh these looks so yummy! Definitely have to bake something this weekend! Xx



These look so delicious! And easy too!! Saving this recipe :) I get chocolate cravings WAY too often

xo, Allie


These look so good! Your photos are gorgeous!

Sheila Hunt
Sheila Hunt

What other kind of chocolate would be good to use besides keto cacao?


These sound delicious – do you think they would taste ok without the coconut? I am such a weirdo – I LOVE the flavor of coconut but hate hate the texture lol.

Black Coffee Beautiful