Taking business casual to the streets

Wear your work outfit out on the streets by pairing them with crisp white sneakers...

The clothes you wear to your work or your internship are different from what you wear on a day off, right? You put in just a little more effort to look decent, not too flashy and appropriate. However, that does not mean your work wear can’t be fun and your casual wear can’t look put together!

As an architect or architect intern, I found that you can basically wear whatever you want. The stereotype of architects wearing all black and turtlenecks has long gone and now it’s all about looking crisp, stylish and professional. The right way to accomplish this is wearing a quirky pair of shoes with an otherwise basic outfit, a cool blouse or some eye-catcher pants. Stay away from the off shoulder trend inside the office though. Outside the office it’s fine! Don’t overdo it, stick with one or two eye-catchers and keep the rest looking clean, professional and, I’m going to say this, basic. This way, you don’t scare off potential clients while giving the impression that you know what is cool now and are a professional. 

''It's all about looking crisp, stylish and professional''

When you’re done for the day and are ready to blow off some steam with friends or family, you don’t first want to have to go home to change into something more comfortable. This is where the business casual outfit that you can wear out in the streets comes in! Wear your business pieces like a crisp wrap-blouse or striped popeline shirt, a wide legged palazzo-style pantalon and chique jewelry and watch, but pair them with cool and crip white sneakers. This instantly makes your outfit look effortless, makes it feel comfortable and have you ready to go out into the city!


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You have beautiful photography!

Merel van Poorten

Love your top! So pretty.

X Merel