The olive green midiskirt

Versatile skirts are the best, aren't they? Wear them plain with a t-shirt in summer and with layers in winter and you're good to go.

This particular skirt I bought in Bologna, Italy while the temperature was still high. The length of the skirt is perfect for fall/winter, but the fabric is thin. That doesn’t stop me from wearing it all year round though, because I paired it with tights and a jacket and I’m cozy as a bunny. :)

''Pair with tights and a jacket to wear a thin skirt all year round''

At first I wasn’t sure about the olive green colour of the skirt, but I loved the fit. Now, I love olive green and I even bought pants in the same shade. The colour itself is as versatile as the skirt and can be worn year round. I can picture a simpel colour scheme in both summer and winter with olive green as the focal point.

Midiskirt: OVS, faux leather jacket: Zara, top: Mango, heeled boots: Aldo, bag: vintage


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