French vibes by combining a corset with culottes and a blouse

My favourite trend for 2020: corsets. I found this amazing pre-loved velvet corset and paired it with a flowy blouse and culottes for a Parisian-chic look.

Corsets were meant to be worn as underwear, but let’s be honest, they are way to pretty for that. I love how corsets fit the body perfectly, create shape and are so gorgeously structured. 

The best part about corsets, in my opinion, is that they are very versatile. They can be worn quite sexy, but with the right styling, can be very classy as well.

With this look I tried to go for a classy Parisian-girl kind of vibe. I love how the loose flowy blouse compliments the structured corset. The wide-legged culotte and summery flats complet the French feel. Overall it’s not too tight, but still feminine and sexy.

Another option I want to try is layering this corset over an oversized (men’s) shirt. This will cinche in the waist and create a dramatic silhouette, puffing up the shirt. I am not sure about what to wair with this at the bottom though, so if you have any ideas, let me know!

Corset – vintage (Chantal Thomass), blouse – vintage (Saint Marit), culottes – vintage (Bershka), shoes – Verbenas, Sunglasses – Specsavers, Earrings – G.A.P.A.M.O.D.


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