My name is Marije, a twenty-something architecture student with a passion for fashion, photography, food and design, and I have been blogging since I was in high school. I quit blogging a few years ago when I started college, however I missed it so much that I thought of giving it another chance!

The name The gluten free guide to everything comes from the fact that I have coeliac disease and therefore have to stick to a strict diet of eating gluten free. This, however, does not stop me from eating what I like, doing what I love and exploring the world.

At first I thought traveling, the thing I love the most, wouldn't be easy for me and almost undoable. Enough reason to get depressed if you ask me especially since I found out that I am lactose intolerant as well (lucky me), however I stepped out of my comfort zone and discovered that 1. I can still travel and live my life the way I want while sticking to my diet and 2. It's actually quite easy! And I will gladly show you how.

On this website you will mostly find my personal style, but also my experiences with dealing with the world, a hands-on diet and still being happy in a gluten free way. I will share my experiences, funny stories, food picks (there are tons of me eating food in a very, well, charming way) and fashion insights with you and try not to be too serious about it.