3 ingredient gluten free quark pancakes

These easy 3 ingredient pancakes are the perfect way to start your day. The best part? They are easy to make, gluten free and taste delicious!

Are you fed up with my obsession with healthy pancakes yet? I know I’m not! ;) These are my newest found when it comes to quick and easy breakfasts and I love them!

They are not as healthy as my banana pancakes, but still quite healthy due to no added sugars and the lack of whole fat milk. Add some fresh (or frozen) berries on top and you have made yourself a healthy, but most importantly, easy and delicious breakfast!

Step by step guide



– 150 grams of quark
– 50 gr gluten free (self raising) flour
– 2 eggs


Start by gathering your ingredients

Add the quark, flour and eggs to a bowl. I measured everything in the same bowl using a digital scale. 


Mix it up

Grab a whisk and mix the flour, eggs and quark until it’s a smooth mixture. Pre-heat a baking pan with vegetable oil or margarine.


Bake small pancakes

Scoop some of the mixture into the pan and even out using a spoon. Set the flames just below medium high and make sure the pancakes don’t bake to quickly. Turn around when the edges start to look crispy and golden brown. Now bake the other side.


Add the toppings you like

Your pile of pancakes is now done and what better way to celebrate than topping them with loads of delicious berries or maple syrup.


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Oh my gosh! Those actually look delicious! I’m not fed up of your recipes yet! Ha ha!

Raindrops of Sapphire

The Fashion Folks

Oh these looks yummy! Haven’t eaten pancakes in awhile so look forward to try this recipe this weekend! Xx



That looks so so delicious. I need to try this recipe.
Love, Esther Esther